Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jack O'Lantern's Challenge

            Jack O’Lantern’s Challenge

A pondering one day: what if you were to pursue a lifestyle of supernaturality or, for lack of a better word, ethical perfection. Your inherent vital powers that constitute your nature relish their activity. Not searching with them for a peak experience or two but an enduring summit. To enjoin yourself to strive for and live out of an unbounded experience of humane fulfillment. Is this entire enterprise and eventual state of being not the most rational choice one can embark upon? Too farfetched?

         Consider that for some time now you have been going about your business. At times it cost you. You slipped often. So? Let your peccadillos and transgressions become fading memories. Your daily orientation is no longer just to get by but an enduring affirmation of life. You renounce mediocrity. You are savvy about people and perceptive about authorities. You love others discreetly. You can assist society without leaving a trace. If someone helps you, you never forget them. You always defend what you love. Some people notice. As for others, it doesn’t matter. You take pride in your work. You are unafraid of being misunderstood. Your pleasant, unobtrusive demeanor searches for neither recognition nor fans. Animals do not fear you. Your only sadness recurs when others refuse to see the beauty and goodness of existence and act upon those insights. You  compose yourself a noble person. Nature gladly shares her bounty, for you’ve become a dangerous rara avis, peering upon a landscape of wonder.